Nathan Walton

 Nathan Walton
Sport of choice: 
Snowboard,Surfing,Mountain biking and Wakeboarding
Favorite quote: 
Win the morning, Win the day
Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books?
Joe Rogan podcast
The power of body language - Joe Navarro
The worlds fittest book - Ross Edgley
What is something unique Snowboarders have to deal with that you want to fix if possible?
the distance from the snow and being in Australia. Cost of accommodation and finding accommodation is also so tough especially last min.
The distance will also be factor. But in reality 6 hours is nothing. You can be sad about the journey or embrace it. If I am with mates the trip is full of banta and hyper tracks. On the other hand my solo trips, podcasts, audio books, hype tracks and phone calls. 
Best way to deal with accommodation: camping. I went down 8 times this year and including a 1 week through perisher, falls and Hotham. For the entire season, I stayed a hotel 1 night and that was purely as it was pouring storming, raining and even on and off hail all day.
What other brands do you represent?
None at this stage
What led you to Snowboarding?
What does perspective mean to you?
Each person can view a situation differently. If you can be the person that views all situations in a positive light (as much as possible), it shows strength as person and excellent mind set.