Fynn Lesslie

Fynn Lesslie, 
Aged 11
Sport of choice
Favourite quote
It’s no one’s fault but yours.
Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Book
I don’t read many books unless I have to for school, but I like a good Diary of a Wimpy Kid book 🤣
What is something unique you as a snowboarder has to deal with that you want to fix if possible
It’s probably not unique, but I need to work on my fear. Sometimes it pushes me and other times I just can’t get past it. 
What other brands do you represent
Sik Fx snowboards
What led you to Snowboarding
It was a complete accident. We went on a family holiday to the snow when I was 5. We met a guy who was the housekeeper where we were staying and he took me out for a day to let me try snowboarding. I got straight on the board and took off and never looked back.
What does Perspective mean to you
Perspective to me means seeing something from your own eyes and not forgetting to see it from the eyes of others too. We all can see the same things in different ways.